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Take Stock of Your Accomplishments!

If you are like me, you are working just about all the time. Because, even when you aren't making art or working on the business, you are likely thinking about those things. On top of that, no matter how much you get done there is always the next thing to do. Sometimes that ever flowing to-do list can make us feel like we haven't made headway.

How do we deal with that?

It is important to take stock

of all that you have accomplished, to acknowledge the process and to remind yourself that your hard work will pay off. You have chosen to be an artist, and to be your own boss, and learning how to manage all that goes along with that is worth it.

Giving up is not an option because

the artist in you isn't going away anytime soon.

Let's start the practice of creating a DONE list that we post somewhere so that we have a visual reminder that we are kicking ass on a daily basis. When we are in charge of creating the to-do list, as well as the one getting it done, it can easily be missed by us that we got shit done. When it is a part of who we are and what we do, we can easily dismiss its value.

Start noticing!

You need to pay attention to your accomplishments because you need to know that although you haven't seen the kind of ROI (return on investment) you'd like to see, everything you do today will be part of what brings you business/collectors in the future.

Where will you post your "Done List"?

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