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Your "friends" Matter in Social Media Marketing

Marketing your art on social media

Social media marketing is not going away any time soon. It is hands down the best way to get what you do or make in front of the entire world instantly with just a few clicks on your device. The trouble is, how do artists use it effectively? What are the best practices for using social media to sell more art?

First of all, it is key to understand that your goal is not the posting of images of your work, but rather, to develop and build relationships. It is in those relationships that you will find your patrons/buyers/collectors, etc. Be ready to engage interested parties (people who have 'liked' your posts) in an authentic online discussion. Do what comes naturally though. Don't force it if it doesn't feel right. It is super important that you BE YOURSELF.

With relationship building in mind, make sure that when you do post an image of your work, that you do more than label it like you would an exhibition submission. Think of it more like show-and-tell, or having a conversation with a friend. Talk about the art you are making, and what inspired you to do it. Or maybe you are struggling with some aspect of your project. You could talk about that.

Why? you ask...

Here's the thing... part of what they are buying is YOU. There are a lot of artists all over the world. In order to find the audience for your work (people who not only love your work, they also dig what you're about), then it is vital that you share a slice of your life; your perspective; your point of view along with images of your work. Doing this is like opening the door to your studio and inviting them in for tea. The more they like you (just the way you are), the more willing they will be to want to buy art from you.

So remember: when you are using social media, you are entering a "virtual lounge" where you have the opportunity to meet folks like you. Be yourself, be real and have fun. Find your market by sharing your stories and making "friends".

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