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Make Marketing Your Friend

Guerrilla Marketing

Just about every artist I meet tells me they hate marketing. My suspicion is that most artists just aren't sure how to do it. Another issue is that it takes artists out of the studio. Some artists are simply shy about sharing their work with the world.

One thing is for sure though, not doing it is not an option

if you want to earn good income from your art.

What you have to keep in mind when developing a marketing plan is your end-goal. Where you are headed will inform the route that you need to take to get there. And just like any journey, there may be different paths you can take to get to the same place. Or you may change your mind and plan a new trip altogether. It is in the doing that you will learn what works best for you, and what needs to change in order for you to have the kind of results you are after.

So let's think about how you can start to become friends with marketing. First of all, as you read above, if you want to earn good income from your art, then NOT MARKETING IS NOT AN OPTION. Now that you know that you have no choice, decide if you want to be miserable. Personally, I choose to enjoy my life. So it follows that if I want to enjoy my life, and I must do marketing, then I should find a way to become friends with marketing.

Ask yourself,

"What do marketing and I have in common?"

or, "How can I make this fun for myself?"

Marketing is at its best when you truly know yourself and your work and are ready to be vulnerable with sharing that knowledge with the world, either virtually or in person. So you and marketing have YOU in common. There are so many ways you can market your work, but the key is to find the ways that suit you and your work best...and your end-goal. Make it enjoyable for yourself. Shy away from the methods that don't appeal to you, and build on the methods that you enjoy. Bring your creativity along for the ride and have fun!

Remember, if you want to sell more art,

make marketing your friend, or be miserable!

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